Business support for  Innovators.

Six Stars of Power

Business STrategy

The world is ever growing and evolving and the most important strategy is the one that understands that each country has a unique and different path.  Cultures are different and a cookie cutter path is not the right one.

Relationship Building

Relationships are the key for every successful business.  When you enter a new market choosing the right partners and relationships is the difference between failure and success. 

Business Management

Management styles change country to country.  This is an important and sometimes hard learned lesson.  We have helped many form successful, full back office services including staff, marketing, accounting and legal services.

Government Navigation

Taxes, licenses, accounting laws, legal, hiring, payroll, city requirements, state requirement and federal requirements.  Import and export needs- we know every aspect of the market.

Market Research

Data is critical in every market.  Understanding your competitive edge is what we bring to the process by researching the need, finding the places that has need and making sure your idea can fit into this market with ease.


A marketing plan, a social media account, these are easy...we help you craft your story, find out why your product is better, who your competitors are and how to beat them.


Our fee for service to analyze and evaluate a market and your product starts at $5,000.00.

Any product or service with potential to move forward will be offered a 6 months consulting agreement that includes, building your story, creating a forward strategy and meetings with potential clients.

In certain cases we will sign equity deals and invest our services into the entity.

On review of need and potential, we may invest or help with financing.  This requires much due diligence and companies must have a solid forecast for their business.