Renee Meriste

Thank you for visiting my website, here is a brief introduction to who I am.

I am an Estonian-American, born in Estonia during the Soviet Era.  I was very happy to be a part of the Estonian Independence Restoration.   Much has changed since we sang revolution songs and learned to help each other build up a new independent Estonia.  I have been fortunate to study in Europe and USA and to travel and do business all over the world.  There have been many different businesses  including ones that had me over viewing an annual budget over $1 billion.

I love Estonia and I would like to help more...for the last 10 years I have been living in USA and see so much opportunity for both countries.  There are great Estonian products and services that could be well known here in United States.  We have to be honest to ourselves and admit for our small country, many people here in the US do not even know where Estonia is.  We have to change this.  We have to  help younger people and new fresh ideas to get the world market.  Young people and new ideas are the future of Estonia.

When you know what someone loves it is helpful, I love international business and building relationships, basketball, music, movies and in business, to have a product or service which makes people's lives better.

What do you love?  Let me know here.